Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Big Lake: Part 2

I'm behind...again!  Imagine that :).  The second day at the lake, we spent our  time swimming, lounging, and visiting with family.  This was the beautiful view from our hotel room.

We got up, got the family moving, and met up in my parents' room to make a game plan for the day. 

We may have also wandered across the street to Starbucks so I could have some  coffee...
Isla and Daddy at The Bucks.

Our first swimming spot was the pool, which I didn't take any pictures of.  Miles got  cold and asked to head to the hot pool.  I enjoy warming up in the hot tub and Miles  love swimming around in it.

After the  pools, we walked to the beach for some sun bathing, sand castle making, and swimming for Miles and Auntie Annie.

I didn't want to put sunscreen on Isla, so she spent most of her time in the shade.  We got this nifty beach umbrella at Safeway for $7! 

Though she kept trying to escape the shade....who could blame her?

Miles eventually got cold in the lake and wanted to go back to the hot pool.  My parents went with him.  He LOVED the jets :).

Then we had lunch and took a rest before meeting up for dinner.

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