Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a....


Miles is expecting a little sister come October (or November!). He came in the room with us for the first few minutes of the ultrasound. He was mesmerized for about two seconds, then he saw the toys and wanted to play! Silly boys! Then he left the room to play with Grandma Mo while we watched our baby girl.

We are so excited and I can't wait to do some shopping :). She measured right on track (2-4 days ahead, depending on whom you ask) and is about 10oz right now. All of her anatomical structures look great. Cord, placenta and cervix look great (the important things, you know!). She was a little stubborn about showing her face, but showed us easily that she is a girl.

As far as old wives tales, the ring test and Chinese Gender Chart were correct.

Other OWT that were incorrect:

Cravings (sweet for girl, sour/salty for boy...apparently I'm backwards!)
Carrying (low and out front for a boy, high and thick for a girl...So far both have been low and out front...thank God!)
Morning Sickness (more for a girl, less for a boy...the amount of nausea was about the same for both, actually more with Miles, but I have had a more sensitive gag reflex with this one, resulting in more actual sickness!)

So far these pregnancies have been fairly different. I'm certainly more tired than last time, but the 2 and a half year old may have something to do with that! I crave more burgers, meat, and salty foods than with Miles. My wedding rings still fit whereas they quit fitting at week 13 with Miles (less swelling I guess?). I've also been more emotional/hormonal this time around as well as more gaggy resulting in more throwing up (as recent as a few days ago!). However, I'm carrying the same and gained the same amount of weight.

Well, here are some pictures our beautiful and healthy baby girl, who will be named Isla (no middle name yet)!

Here is her hand (four fingers and a thumb).

And a foot...

Her freaky skeleton face (you can see the eye sockets and nasal bones).

Here is a profile shot...she's got some lips!

This is a 3D image of her profile. We couldn't get one of her whole face because she kept burying it in the placenta! cute shot none-the-less.

She also kept covering her face with her little hands and arms. Camera shy! She's gonna have to get over that quickly :)

Lastly, another profile shot. You can see her little ear and elbow in this one.
I'll post a 19week update tomorrow....after I brave the scale :(.

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