Wednesday, June 2, 2010

19 Weeks

How Far Along: 19 weeks (and 2 days now!)

Weight Gain: +11lbs (Thought this would be a bigger gain after the bag of potato chips I downed earlier in the week! Striving for healthier habits this week :) )

Maternity Clothes: Across the board

Sleep: I'm still not sleeping all that well. Heartburn came back, which makes it hard, and it seems like I hear every little thing and it wakes me up! I'm going crazy here. Thinking maybe I should try some white noise, or something.

Symptoms: The heartburn has gotten worse again. Time to invest in a jumbo size bottle of Tums. I've still been pretty gaggy and actually threw-up twice in the past week after brushing my teeth. This is getting old, but anything for my baby girl, I suppose :::sigh:::

Cravings: This week it was potato chips. Not lying, I ate an entire bag this week. We won't be letting them back in the house anytime soon :/.

Gender: It's a girl! In case you missed my last post. We had our Big ultrasound yesterday and everything looked perfect (most importantly). All her organs are on the inside, she has a brain, two eyes, perfect nose and lip, measures right on track, has a four chamber heart with great septums, three vessel cord, etc. Such a relief!

Baby: According to the u/s yesterday, baby is about 10oz and measuring about 2 days ahead. The brain is starting to for areas for the different senses. She also may be starting to hear!

Movement: Isla is getting very active. Sometimes she won't stop moving. Yesterday she was active all day. Ben even got to feel her kick for the first time!

Things I'm Looking Forward to in the coming week: My best friend is coming to town this afternoon (she moved to the East Coast last fall :( ) and we're going to do some shopping for some pink things! Can't wait to see her and get some shopping done :)

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  1. I craved hamburgers with Moira. But then again, I was anemic. Oh, and jelly beans, but that was the anemia too. I did crave sweets earlier in the pregnancy, but my morning sickness was better than with Peter. All those old wives tales are just guesses and they're right half the time!