Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Half Baked!

How Far Along: 20 weeks (and 1 day now!)

Weight Gain: +11lbs (No weight gain this week! Hoping for not much next week since I have to get on the official scale at the doctors' office!)

Maternity Clothes: Across the board

Sleep: I'm still not sleeping all that well. I'm still waking up to every little thing! Still considering a snoogle, since getting comfortable is getting more difficult.

Symptoms: The heartburn has gotten worse again. Time to invest in a jumbo size bottle of Tums. I think it is contributing to an increase in nausea as well.

Cravings: Nothing in particular I can think of this week. I think it was pretty well rounded.

Gender: It's still a girl! (as far as I know) :)

Baby: According to www.babycenter.com, my baby is about 10.5oz now and about 1o inches from head to toe. She is starting to swallow more and producing meconium.

Movement: Isla is getting very active. There have been a few days, she's been sleepy this week and I've had to stick the Doppler on her. Well, shoving the Doppler into my stomach wakes her up and gets her moving :).

Things I'm Looking Forward to in the coming week: This should be a fairly uneventful week. I have the weekend off and my 20/21 week check next Monday. Now that Isla is half baked, I'm starting to think about making some lists of things I need to do/get together/buy for her!


  1. Great pic carrie. Glad Isla is doing well. BTW most mom's use orange juice or pushing on their stomach to get their kid to move, but I suppose a doppler is handy. :)

  2. I love the photo! How is Isla pronounced? In my head, I'm saying it with a silent S (I-la) but I think that might be wrong...

  3. Carrie, your prego journaling is so fun! It makes me want to be prego again too...hehehe... :) I miss the anticipation that passes so quickly. Enjoy every day, even with the heartburn!

  4. Allison- It is pronounced eye-lah (like Island). Thanks Trisha!