Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've gone on one little shopping spree since discovering that little Isla is in fact a girl. I thought I'd share with you my adorable purchases.

This first sleeper is one my Mom got somewhere around 10ish weeks, maybe earlier. Obviously before we knew it is a girl. It will be great for the first few weeks!

At Gymboree, I purchased the onsie on the left in 0-3mos size for this fall (with a long sleeved onsie underneath). On the right is a romper (sleeveless shorts) and sweater (in 6-12mos) for next Spring/Summer. It was all on clearance and cost $20 for all three, which is pretty good at Gymboree!

I got this adorable romper (it has Cherries on it) from Khol's for $6. It is NB size, so she'll have to wear long sleeved onsie underneath this as well. On the right is a cute pair of jeans from Children's Place for $5 in 0-3mos.

And you can't skip the backsides of them! The jeans have little hearts on the pockets :).

Lastly, I got two 0-3mos sleepers at Children's Place.

I can't wait to dress this babe! Can you tell? Unfortunately most of the shopping will have to be held off till later this summer when the fall clothes come out. More to come at that time!

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  1. Those are adorable sleepers! Moira has the same gymboree romper and onesie shirt and is wearing in this summer. It's very cute. Not that I've seen her in the jumper. It's too darned cold. My friend here starting calling it "June-uary."