Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lake Adventures Part 1

This past Saturday, we made an impromptu trip to the lake cabin. We've been a few times this year so far, but it was actually nice and sunny this weekend when we went!

Miles had a grand time. He began his day by discovering a fishing net on the front porch at the door when we arrived. He used this "butterfly net" to "catch Big Bird" in the yard. In the movie, Follow That Bird, the bad guys try to use a net to catch Big Bird at one point.

Then Ben and his dad went out on the lake to catch some fish (or maybe it was a little later, but who cares about the timeline?).

I enjoyed the view from the deck for a few minutes.

While Miles got ready to go do some fishing himself.

He named the fish on the end of his pole Floppy :).
We sat at the end of the dock, enjoying the sun, and "fishing".

We even stuck our toes in the water, but it is still pretty darn cold!

Grandma joined in the fun. We all got a little wet when Miles busted out the "butterfly net" to catch some fish.

Then we headed to the shore so Miles could throw some rocks in the lake. A favorite pastime. He's putting his shoes back on in this photo.

The following pictures are him gathering rocks, throwing rocks, and deciding the water is not too cold for a little swim. He managed to get waist deep! He only tripped once, and almost made a faceplant, but was in shallow enough water to put his hands down and save his face. It scared him a little, I think!

We also enjoyed some more time in the sun up at the cabin "swimming". Those pics to come!

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