Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yard Work

We've finally started to spruce up our yard for the year. You'll have to imagine with me a back yard full of knee and waist high weeds, grass, and other growing plants. A front yard full of same weeds, much less grass, overgrown bushes and dead rose bushes. Sounds lovely, right? Oh, and add a broken sprinkler system to it all!

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the task of cleaning up the yard this year. Ben, with a borrowed weed whacker on wheels, took care of the back yard weeds last week. It took him two hours, and our yard isn't that big! This Sunday, my parents came up to help us fix the sprinkler system that our dog broke (he chewed through the wires and multiple sprinkler heads). They also came ready to work on the rest of the yard!

I was so happy :). My mom weeded the front and prepped one of the front gardens. They brought a weed whacker, and Ben weed whacked the front (instead of mowing). We swept, raked, and used a blower on the front walk and driveway. My parents also brought with them 10 red geranium plants and a hanging plant for the front. After Sunday, I was feeling pretty motivated about sprucing up our yard. My parents will be back one more time to help us replace some sprinkler heads and a broken valve from the sprinkler system.

Yesterday, I ripped out some bushes in our over-grown front garden and cleared out the garden area between two pine trees. Today, I went shopping with my Mom for some more red geraniums. We got 19 more and I planted them this afternoon. It looks so much better!

Here are some "after" pictures. Sorry, I didn't take any "before" pictures...too embarrassing!

And yes, we know we are still lacking some grass in the front. As soon as the sprinkler system is up and running, we'll be seeding!

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  1. I love it! The geraniums look wonderful next to your red door.