Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pony Rides and Petting Farm

Last week, Miles and I headed out to the wild blue yonder in search of a petting farm for a meet-up with our mommy and me group. I misread the directions a bit and it took us about an hour to find the place (after driving out in the country quite a ways, realizing we weren't in the right area, back-tracking and trying again, also involving numerous phone calls to my mom to look up the address as my phone doesn't get the greatest coverage in the middle of nowhere). We only ended up about 45-60min late, but still had a good time. Next time, we know where to find it!

When we arrived, we found an abundance of farm animals to feed, pet, and ride. Miles was a little tentative to feed and pet many of them. We saw llamas, goats, a pot belly pig, 50lbs tortoise, ducks, horses and ponies. Miles finally warmed up to the idea when one of the gals got out the baby goats to feed.

They were adorable and soft little things! I likened them to puppies, which warmed Miles right up. He enjoyed feeding them grain.

The littlest goats did not go hungry that day!

Isn't it just adorable! Miles kept saying he wanted to hold them and give them hugs :).
Notice how short his pants are here? I swear he grew an inch in the past couple weeks. Suddenly all his 2T pants are high-waters. Thank goodness the sun has started to come out and shorts are becoming a more appropriate choice or I'd have to go out and buy him new pants, which I'd rather not do until fall.

After a while, Miles grew tired of feeding the goat by hand and him have at it with the whole bucket!
We wondered around some to check out the other animals.
Chickens, goats, and llamas all living together! Who knew?
We ended the visit with a pony ride. I didn't think Miles would actually want to ride the pony once he sat on him, but he did. He kept telling everyone that he "drove a pony"!

He got about half way down the driveway and asked to turn around and go back.
Overall, it was a good visit. We'll definitely be going back next time, and now we know where to find it!


  1. Adorable! And so brave of you Carrie, what with the tiny horned animals. :) It reminded me of when you got attacked by goats at a similar place when you were just about Miles age. That was funny. Dad pulled you out. He'll remember the story if you don't.

  2. Oh, I remember it. Wasn't it at the zoo in Arizona? That is where my fear began... The big goats were behind fences and the little goats didn't have horns yet.